Read, Debate: Engage.
Read, Debate: Engage.
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Fairplanet Dossiers

Saving Lives
From an early time, Sebastian Jünemann was driven to work in emergency medicine, but couldn’t see himself spending a lifetime in the German medical system. So, he completed an education as a paramedic while completing his civil service course — and even after studying biology and pedagogy, and a master’s in organizational psychology, the [...]
The world has always known change. It has been coming in various ways: Natural evolution, revolutions, disruptive technologies, political reforms, civil movements.Today, we need to change ourselves in order to solve massive problems on our planet and our habitat. Social change always starts with an idea, with a different consciousness and action, often [...]
Five years after the Tel Aviv Tent Protests the award-winning filmmaker, journalist and curator Ari Libsker looks back and reconstructs the movement for social justice, looking into the lives of six activists. The stories were first published on July 8th, 2016 in the Tel Aviv newspaper The Calcalist in Hebrew. The English translation appears on [...]
Coast Guard continues response to allision, oil spill south of New Orleans
Beyond petroleum
In 2000, the oil giant BP rebranded itself, claiming its two letters now stood for „Beyond Petroleum“. It was a nod to the renewable energy sources of the future, but one that backfired spectacularly when the company continued to be responsible for oil spill disasters.In this fairplanet dossier we explore the fossil fuel industry and ask [...]
In 2009 about 3.5 percent of the world’s population (about 220 million people) lived far away from their homes – legally or illegally. Their reasons are as varied as the political or economic situation, they leave from. Many of them do not go voluntarily.In this dossier, fairplanet investigates our notions of escape as something inexorable from society, as [...]
Karl_Ernst_von_Baer_Types_Principaux_des_Differents_Race_Humaines Kopie
National and international laws have been enacted and numerous international human rights instruments, particularly a treaty to ban racial discrimination, have been adopted. Yet, the dream of a world free of racial hatred and bias remains a faraway ideal. Here you will find in-depth reviews, interviews, infographics and racism stories from around the globe. [...]
Water is a highly contested resource. Some say it is the new oil and predict that conflicts about access to water will be on the rise in the near future. Reason for us to take a closer look at policy making in the water sector. We map crisis areas, highlight innovative ways to minimize risk from floods in Pakistan, dissect what is at stake in cross-border water [...]
Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease caused by a parasite. The 2013 World Health Organization Malaria Report estimates that nearly 630,000 people die of malaria annually. Thanks to an expanded global effort to combat the disease, major progress has been made – with a 54% decrease in the rate of child malaria deaths since 2000 in Africa, where 90% of [...]