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Protest against Planned Logging in Hambach ForestProtest gegen Rodung des Hambacher Walds durch RWE
October 06th, 2018
type:Campaign, Donation, NGO, Protest
by:Deniz Zehra Tavli

Protestors and activists defending the Hambach forest near Cologne/ Germany reached a mile-stone in climate history after weeks of resistance: Following a halt of the clearing of the ancient woodland ordered by the senior administrative court in the city of Münster on Friday, the administrative court in Aachen overruled a police ban on an anti-coal rally near the forest due Saturday, referring to the right of peaceful assembly, anchored in Article 8 of the German Basic Law.

Thus the planned anti-coal march "Save the Forest- Stop Coal!" will take place:

MARCH 06.10.
12 o’clock
Hambach Forest
Buir Train Station

Further informations about the march, materials and the possibility for donation are available on the campaigns webpage. Feel encouraged to take part in a movement which aims at conserving a thousands of years old forest, endangered native wild life and set a clear sign against fossil-based energy politics!
October 05th, 2018
type:Donation, Education, NGO
by:Yair Oded

Across Africa, girls often lack access to education. This is particularly true of girls who are pregnant, sick, or live in remote and deprived areas that have poor access to government services. Some governments, such as in Tanzania and Burundi, went as far as to forbid pregnant girls from taking classes, so as not to encourage pregnancy at a young age.

Many have openly objected the restrictions imposed on girls’ access to education across Africa. Campaign For Female Education (CAMFED) is a nonprofit organization which works to increase the access of African girls to secondary education. By forming connections with thousands of partner schools across thousands of rural and poor regions in various African countries, CAMFED have thus far facilitated the education of over a million African girls in Tanzania, Malawi, Ghana, and Zambia. Their work is funded, supported, and executed by donors from across the globe, well maintained communities of allies and volunteers, as well as a robust network of CAMFED alumnae.

CAMFED provide elaborate statistics, testimonies, and information regarding the long-term positive impact on the economy and society of increasing girls’ access to secondary education. Their method and work are constantly being reviewed and studied by research and interviews.Visit CAMFED’s website to learn more about their mission and work, make a donation, support their fundraising efforts, and get information about one of their events.
October 03rd, 2018
by:Yair Oded

As consumers, we hold great power in shaping the culture and environment of businesses of all kinds. By choosing to support (or not) a business, we inevitably grant them our stamp of approval regarding the manner in which they conduct their business and treat their workers.

Particular groups, such as racial, sexual, and gender minorities, are particularly vulnerable to discrimination in employment and are often subject to poor treatment at the workplace. Seeing as there is no nation-wide law that protects LGBTQ people from employment discrimination in the public or private sector, many of them still suffer from blunt discrimination in employment. In many states, business owners suffer no consequences for firing LGBTQ employees for their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), an LGBTQ advocacy organization, have put together a buyers guide which reports on the treatment afforded to LGBTQ workers by numerous businesses across the country. In a virtual and downloadable index, the HRC rate businesses according to how inclusive and respectful they are of their LGBTQ employees.

The guide is now available in an app (for both Android and Apple), so that buyers could access such information in real time as they shop.

Please consider consulting the app or index as you shop and express your solidarity with the LGBTQ community and its fight for equal and fair access to employment.

Image: Human Rights Campaign
October 02nd, 2018
type:Campaign, Donation
by:Yair Oded

Peter Biar Ajak, a prominent peace advocate and academic, is being held in detention in Juba, South Sudan, for no reason other than his desire to promote peace and justice throughout the war-torn country.

Displaced by the ongoing civil war, Ajak grew up in several refugee camps outside South Sudan before being resettled to the United States by humanitarian charities. In the U.S., Ajak attended high school and finally graduated from the Harvard Kennedy School in 2009 with a Masters in Public Administration and International Development. Prior to his arrest, Ajak has been pursuing his PhD at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

Throughout his professional career, Ajak has remained focused on South Sudanese issues, and worked tirelessly to promote peace and tolerance, particularly among the nation’s youth. Ajak has founded South Sudan Young Leaders Forum (SSYLF), an organisation dedicated to bringing together South Sudanese youths from across ethnic and political background and foster dialogue and fellowship between them (through educational and sports activities). His ultimate goal is to spawn a new generation of young leaders who collaborate to build peace in the country.

Ajak was arrested at the Juba international airport in July 2018, and has been held in detention by the National Security Services (NSS) ever since. Ajak is one of many South Sudanese who have been apprehended by the NSS due to their ethnicity, political affiliation, or activist agenda. As indicated by Amnesty International, such prisoners are subject to inhumane treatment and torture while in the state’s custody. Several reportedly died while in detention.

Ajak’s loved ones have launched a GoFundMe campaign raising money to advocate for his release.

Please consider donating to this important cause, and help reunite Ajak with his wife and two daughters.

Image: Courtesy of Catherine Lee to GoFundMe.
October 01st, 2018
type:NGO, Petition
by:Yair Oded

In a bid to ease the Obama era restrictions on coal emissions, the Environmental Protection Agency has recently announced the abolishment of the Clean Power Plan and its replacement with what they titled the Affordable Clean Energy Rule. In essence, the new policy enables states to determine their own cap on greenhouse gas emissions, to the sheer delight of oil industry entities and politicians who benefit from their endorsements. The expected rise of CO2 emissions due to the new policy is sure to have a dire impact on both the environment and the health of millions across America (and ultimately around the world).  

The Climate Reality Project, a nonprofit group dedicated to mobilizing individuals and communities against climate change, has recently launched a petition calling to abandon the EPA’s new policy and restore the standards set by Obama’s Clean Power Plan. “Add your name to fight back against the Dirty Power Scam – and demand that EPA puts people before polluters.” the petition reads.

Led by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and CEO and President Ken Berlin, The Climate Reality Project currently operate in over 100 countries, where they are represented by over 14,000 leaders mobilizing communities. Across the U.S., the organization has over 80 activists chapters advocating for clean energy policies.Visit their website to learn more about their mission and work, sign the petition, learn what you can do to take action, or donate to their cause.
September 29th, 2018
type:Campaign, NGO
by:Murat Suner

Did you know how fast the world's population is aging? By 2030, there will be more people over 60 than under 10.

HelpAge International, a global network of organisations, set out to promote the right of all older people to lead dignified, healthy, and secure lives.

Their value-based position puts the experience of older women and men at the center of their work.

The organisation works with older women and men in low and middle-income countries, promotes better services and policies concerning their needs, and advocates for changes in the behaviours and attitudes of individuals and societies towards old-age.

The world HelpAge wants is one where every older woman and man, everywhere, can say:

"I have the income I need"; "I enjoy the best possible health and quality of life"; "I am safe and secure, free from discrimination and abuse", "My voice is heard".

Join or support their campaign by sharing their valuable work on the occasion of UN International Day of Older Persons October 1st, 2018. 

Image: (c) Sarah Hertzog/HelpAge
September 28th, 2018
type:Education, NGO
by:Yair Oded

“We’re taking control of our future. Climate Change is our generation’s biggest challenge. Let’s take action.”

This is the slogan of Alliance for Climate Change (ACC), a non-for-profit organization dedicated to educating the youth about the science of climate change and encouraging them to take action. The organization provides extensive and engaging education programs and multimedia tools that acquaint the students with the facts and science behind climate change in a manner that ties them directly to the issues at hand, yet do so in a way that encourages a sense of “justice and optimism”. They also provide teachers with lesson-plans which provide guidance on how to incorporate climate change issues into the curriculum.

In addition to imparting knowledge and increasing awareness, the organization empowers students and teachers to take action and instructs them on how become ambassadors of change. The type of engagement and action promoted by ACC ranges from simple steps that are easy to incorporate into people’s daily routine to large scale mobilization of students and volunteer teams. Through various workshops and training programs, ACC give students the tool to become climate change leaders enact change in their local communities.  

Thus far, ACC have educated nearly 3 million students across the U.S. about climate change, facilitated 1 million student led climate change actions, and trained roughly 4,000 students to become climate change leaders.

Too often the narrative about climate change portrays the issue as a calamity that befalls us and which only world leaders and industry tycoons can tackle. That is not to detract from the responsibility of those in power to mobilize a large scale, policy backed, comprehensive shift in how they approach and handle human induced climate change issues. Yet, groups such as ACC and their work remind us that we, the dwellers of the earth, play a major role in both causing and fighting climate change. By educating the younger generation about the facts surrounding issue and the impact their daily habits have on the environment, ACC fosters a generation of conscious individuals who lead climate change action from within their communities.

Visit their website for more information on their programs, and to learn how you can become a climate change leader.
afghan surfing
September 11th, 2018
type:Crowd Funding, Donation
by:Deniz Zehra Tavli

"Unsurfed Afghanistan" is a documentary film that follows Afridun Amu in his quest to bring joy to his homeland- Afghanistan. Afri, a trained jurist, has spent much of his life searching the world’s coastlines for surf spots. This film accompanies him to his home country with just the same goal. Afghanistan, however, has no access to the sea. How, then, was Afri going to achieve his goal of bringing surfing as a joyful sports to landlocked Afghanistan?

With the help of experienced river-surfers, the team around Afri spotted locations no surfboard has ever touched. Through risky, agitated streams underneath a calm whitish looking river surface, broken roads, temperature swings, and cultural differences, Afri captures footage that unveils an almost mystical side of Afghanistan and its people. 

Afridun Amu established the Wave Riders Association of Afghanistan (WRAA) in 2012. Since, WRAA has hosted the first Afghan National Surf Competition in Portugal and joined the International Surf Association World Games.

Now the film's team needs your support to finish their work in a way that honors the mission. They are in need of funds for the post production in order to get the movie to the film festival circuit.

Please feel encouraged to follow the link on Kickstarter. There you may contribute to this film and help the team make the impossible possible.
September 10th, 2018
by:Yair Oded

The status of LGBTQ Filipinos has fluctuated dramatically over the past decade in the overwhelmingly Catholic country. Although pervasive and deeply rooted religious sentiments preclude complete equality of LGBTQ people in the Philippines, public opinion has nonetheless improved on the issue.

A 2013 Pew Research Center report reveals that roughly 70 percenty of Fiipinos believe that LGBTQ people should be accepted in society. In 2017, the House of Representatives passed a historic law which, now pending the approval of the Senate, seeks to eliminate discrimination against LGBTQ Filipinos in areas of employment, health care, housing, and other public services.

When it comes to marriage equality, however, the public does not appear to be as supportive, with approximately 61% of the population opposing same-sex marriage.

In June, 2018, deliberations commenced in the Supreme Court regarding a 2015 petition submitted by an openly gay Filipino lawyer named Jesus Falcis, which seeks to alter the Constitution’s Family Code to allow for same sex marriages.

It remains unclear whether the Supreme Court will side with the majority Catholic public, which seems more accepting of a civil union but not of marriage between same-sex couples, or with the growing lobby in the country clamoring for complete equality of LGBTQ people under the law.

A petition launched by Marriage Equality PH is seeking to pressure the Supreme Court in the Philippines to amend the constitution to permit same-sex marriage and join Taiwan in spearheading the transition towards marriage equality and LGBTQ tolerance in Asia.

Sign the petition today and raise your voice in support of LGBTQ Filipinos! Every signature counts!