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December 14, 2017

A three-year-old is hoping for your signature!

type: Petition, Protest
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

Meşale Tolu is in custody for almost 230 days. It hurts the young German journalist and translator that she can not be with her little son Serkan (3). He whitnessed the special police unit storm the apartment and arrest his mother. Tolu wrote him a letter from prison, which was published in the German press. She writes: "When I decided to bring you to the world, I dreamed of better times."

Tolu's moving letter motivated a former teacher of hers to start a petition campaign with a message to the German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel : Help the young woman and demand her immediate release!

Meşale Tolu was arrested in April this year while working as a translator for a human rights organisation in Turkey which was - so far - not on the black list of the Turkish authorities. She's accused for being part of a terror organization. A clear political reason behind the arrest see Tolu's friends, family and supporters since the young woman had worked for a left-wing news agency. And thus became another target of the anti-democrat government of the Turkish President Erdoğan.

In her petition text Angelika Lanninger, Tolu's teacher at the Anna-Essinger-Gymnasium in Ulm, appeals: "We teachers appreciated her as a thoughtful and dedicated student and are very concerned about her detention. " Over 50 colleagues have signed.

In less then a week the campaign gained the signature of more than 90.000 supporters (!). Let's support this important petition and send a clear sign of care and consideration to the opressive Turkish government: #FreeMeşaleTolu