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November 07, 2018

Become a humanitarian and help make communities their own first responders

type: Education, NGO
by: Yair Oded

Communities around the world face varying types of humanitarian crises and emergencies. From natural disasters, such as droughts, storms, and floods, to famine and ongoing wars, disasters are, regrettably, rife. One of the main factors in determining a community’s ability to deal with and recover from different states of emergency is its degree of self-sufficiency.

Thus, while the role of international aid is important, it is crucial to equip local communities with the tools they need in order to be the first responders to the crisis they’re affected by.

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy (HLA) is a U.K. based organisation which operates in centers across the world (including in East Africa, the Middle East, the Philippines, and Europe) and grants local community the skill sets required to ensure that humanitarian needs are addressed at the point of impact.  

The HLA focuses on two main areas of influence: Learning and Partnerships. As part of its Learning initiative, the organisation facilitates access of local leaders and community members to knowledge and instructions on how to establish a first-response mechanism based on the specific challenges they face (be it war, earthquakes, tropical storms, etc.). The HLA employs advanced technology to promote learning on various platforms and tools that are easily accessible.

Collaborating with local and international partners is viewed as the HLA’s “cornerstone”. The organisation forges partnerships with both global institutions, such as Unilever and the International Rescue Committee, as well as  with governments, businesses, and numerous NGOs that operate locally, in order to produce self-reliant communities and thus alleviate the pressure from the international system and reduce the socio-economic impact of disasters. The HLA emphasise the importance of securing a mutual benefit for both the community and the partner operating to make it more self-reliant.

If you are part of an individual or an organisation looking to learn how to become a member or a humanitarian, visit HLA’s Kaya website and enroll in one of the many online courses they offer.If you are job hunting and are interested in becoming part of an organisation that promotes positive change around the world by strengthening local communities and rendering them more self-sufficient, consider checking out available job opportunities.

Image: Humanitarian Leadership Academy