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April 02, 2019

Brunei introduces inhumane stoning laws against its LGBTQ citizens

type: Petition
by: Yair Oded

The small Southeast-Asian kingdom of Brunei is to officially adopt a draconian set of laws, according to which any citizen found ‘guilty’ of committing adultery or engaging in homosexual relations will be stoned to death in front of a crowd of Muslims.

The new laws further stipulate that any person convicted of theft will be amputated.

A petition launched by Angela Porter calls on the leaders of the U.K. trade envoys to Brunei and ASEAN to cut ties with the kingdom in a bid to pressure the Sultan to cease his brutal persecution of LGBTQ people and violation of human rights in the nation.

Back in 2013, the Sultan of Brunei announced that the kingdom will begin a gradual implementation of Sharia laws. Since then, a series of conservative regulations were adopted in the nation, including the banning of alcohol and open Christmas celebrations, levying a fine for missing Friday prayer, and outlawing of having a child out of wedlock.

The new set of laws, which are due to go into effect on April 3rd, will constitute the final step of the nation’s adoption of Sharia law.

Activists in Brunei as well as across the world launched an outcry against the Sultan’s brutal law, and several public figures in the West have called for a boycott on the Sultan’s assets abroad, including the Beverly Hills hotel in California.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights joined the growing clamor and urged the Brunei government to keep this law from going into effect.

In the meantime, LGBTQ people are fleeing the kingdom in search of a safe haven

Only a determined, multi-faceted, and well-coordinated protest by the international community could exert sufficient pressure on Brunei to abandon its draconian policies and defend the human rights of its citizens.

Please sign the petition and add your voice to the growing global outcry against the deadly tyranny raging in Brunei. Time is running out.

Image credit: Investorsking.