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March 08, 2015

Culture is no excuse for abuse

type: Crowd Funding, Donation, Project
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

Honor Diaries features nine courageous women’s rights advocates who have witnessed firsthand the hardships women endure. By engaging in a dialogue about gender inequality these women are profiled in their efforts to affect change, both in their communities and beyond.

The film gives a platform to exclusively female voices and seeks to expose the paralyzing political correctness that prevents many from identifying, understanding and addressing this international human rights disaster.  Freedom of movement, the right to education, forced marriage, and female genital mutilation are some of the systematic abuses explored in depth.

Spurred by the Arab Spring, women who were once silent are starting to speak out and bring visibility to a long history of oppression. This project draws together leading women’s rights activists and provides a platform where their voices can be heard and serves as inspiration to motivate others to speak out.

Support the filmmakers and activists of Honor Diaries and help them to break open the violent structures of institutionalized misogyny.