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October 03, 2016

Donate for Tunisian film project "Kannouta"

type: Crowd Funding, Donation, Project
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

“Kannouta” is a 40 minutes docufiction about the reasons behind illegal migration from Tunisia. The film raises the question of what makes young Tunisians take the boats direction Europe.

It contains interviews with 11 people of different ages talking about their stories and their reasons for leaving. The two filmmakers Zied Ben Taleb and Margarete Luetke Twenhoeven spoke to young people who dream about leaving and finding a better life abroad, or who don’t have another choice than leaving. Between these interviews they integrated the fictional part of the film. The spectator can see at a glance the "typical" daily life of a French Tunisian kid, and how he reaches the point of being ready to leave, even if this means leaving everything and everyone and risking his own life on the way to an unclear future.

Zied Ben Taleb is a Tunisian filmmaker and activist. In his neighborhood many people have crossed the sea and many others dream of leaving. Margarete Luetke Twenhoeven is involved in struggles for freedom of movement and has been living in Tunisia for many years. The team has been working on the film for nine months, talking to people, asking them the question: Why do people leave? They traveled to different cities, to neighborhoods where a high number of teenagers have left, and to places from where the “haraga” start their journey.

The movie tries to explain a phenomenon which increased in the recent years without looking at the topic from a sheer objective viewpoint but instead trying to express people’s hopes, sufferings, fears and constraints.

Help those two ambitious and talented filmmakers to realize this project and contribute to a better understanding of illegal migration by donating.

There are only 12 hours left to donate!