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November 17, 2015

Donate the hate!

type: Donation, Project
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

Yesterday was the International Day of Tolerance. In times of international conflicts, wars und crisis as we are witnessing increaslingly these times, tolerance as a human attitude becomes more and more crucial especially in media, politics and in our daily lives.

This is also the main idea behind "Donate the hate", a project of the Centre for Democratic Culture (Zentrum Demokratische Kultur). What are they aiming on? The internet is currently overflowing with racist and xenophobic comments, especially on Social Media platforms- and especially against refugees. For every misanthropic, racist comment, "Donate the hate" makes a donation of 1 Euro to projects which help and support refugees like the ‘Aktion Deutschland Hilft’ campaign and ‘EXIT-Deutschland’, an initiative against right-wing extremism. In the end it's like a fine jar for hate speech, though it is not exactly a fine the so called "haters" pay, it is - as the projects webpage calls it- an involuntary donation.

Support this genius project answering to a serious problem of human kind with the best weapon it has: humour - and spread the idea, become a media supporter and feel free to share!