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October 31, 2019

#ExxonKnew petition urges US gov’t to investigate Exxon Mobil

type: Petition
by: Yair Oded

For decades, oil giant Exxon Mobil knew about the catastrophic implications the fossil fuel industry has on our climate, yet chose to deceive the public and mounted an elaborate denial campaign.

As early as the 1970s, Exxon’s own funded research concluded without a doubt that the burning of fossil fuels pollutes the atmosphere and leads to a rise in global temperatures.

Concerned about the company’s profit above all else, Exxon launched a decades-long campaign in which it funded organisations and individuals engaging in climate change denial and smearing the reputation of scientists and politicians who took it upon themselves to promote awareness and action on the climate crisis. 

While its climate change denial campaign appears to have slowed down, the company nonetheless continues to engage in polluting practices and has yet to be brought to justice for its fraudulent behavior and its role in deliberately robbing humanity of decades during which it could act to mitigate climate change.

#ExxonKnew is a movement formed by several climate and environmental organisations that are calling on the US Department of Justice and state attorneys general to launch an immediate investigation into Exxon’s actions. 

#ExxonKnew drew up a timeline detailing exactly what the company knew about climate change at each point in the past four decades and documenting the actions it took to mislead the public. 

Their website also provides information about the top individuals behind Exxon and the entities and governments that collaborated and did business with the oil giants throughout the years. 

Exxon’s crimes could not have been committed without the financial interest and greed of other companies, leaders, and governments across the world, such as in the Middle East and Russia. Yet, as an American company, Exxon should first be brought to justice in the United States. 

A trial against Exxon began last week in New York City, yet the lawsuit focuses primarily on the company’s deception of its shareholders. This is not enough. People and species across the globe are paying the price of climate change, exacerbated in large part due to Exxon and similar companies in the fossil fuel industry. Any effort to prosecute them should reflect the sheer magnitude and scope of their crimes.

Please sign #ExxonKnew’s petition and call upon the US government to launch an immediate investigation against the oil giant. 

Image credit: #ExxonKnew