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April 11, 2017

Famine in Africa and the Middle East: 20 million lives are at risk!

type: Donation, NGO
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

The UNHCR has declared an increasing risk of mass starvation in South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen. Due to a mix of droughts, conflicts, war and funding shortfalls the listed countries are in danger to fall victim to another avoidable humanitarian crisis.

After just six years Somalia is at risk of another severe hunger crisis. In 2011 the conflict-ridden country lost an estimated quarter of a million poeple to a famine in the region caused by drought and compounded by terrorism and economic insecurity.

This year an estimated number of 450,000 Nigerian children under the age of five will suffer from acute malnutrition, about 20 % will die unless humanitarian aid is delivered. An international conference, hosted by Nigeria, Germany and Norway, was held in Oslo in February this year to tackle the funding shortage for the North-Eastern parts of Nigeria and the Lake Chad region.

War and a collapsing economy have left an increasing number 100,000 people facing starvation in South Sudan, the most hard-hit country. 40 % of the South Sudanese population is in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. Following the famine declaration of the UN bodies, the UK government and the EU promised an aid fund of £170 million.

In Yemen an estimated number of 7 million people, which is half of the total population, is hungry. Due to a food crisis and the ongoing conflict between Saudi Arabia and the Yemenese government, hundreds of thousands of children are suffering from malnutrition, possibly millions are in the early stages.

How can you help? A small donation can help saving lives!

For South Sudan, donate to UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Ocha), Care, Oxfam, British Red Cross, Cafod, Tearfund, Christian Aid, World Vision, WFP, Unicef

For Nigeria, donate to  Save the Children, Christian Aid, Street Child, ICRC, Unicef, WFP

For Somalia, donate to: Ocha, World Vision, MSF, Concern , WFP

For Yemen, donate to: Ocha, DEC, WFP