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October 09, 2019

Greenpeace petition: ‘no more climate-wrecking oil ads’

type: Petition
by: Yair Oded

Oil and gas companies have, and continue to be, a primary culprit in our planet ecological collapse and climate crisis.

It has been reported that only 100 companies are responsible for over 71 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions. 

And yet, oil and gas companies continuously buy their way out of accountability through expansive greenwashed misinformation campaigns and sponsorships.

A new Greenpeace petition is calling on people from across the globe to pressure advertisers to drop oil and gas companies’ ads and sponsorships.

Of particular urgency, according to Greenpeace, is stopping BP, which currently runs the biggest ad campaign in a decade through countless billboards, magazines, TV, and online ads. 

It seems that as more and more people become aware of the urgency and scope of our planet’s ecological crisis and global warming, a growing number of companies and institutions feel compelled to do away with oil and gas sponsorships and ads. 

Just two weeks ago, the Swedish newspaper Dagens ETC announced that it will no longer take adverts from oil companies, citing environmental concerns, and urged other media outlets to follow suit. 

A week later, a student protest successfully drew the Royal Shakespeare Company in the U.K. to terminate its partnership with BP, announcing the company will no longer accept oil sponsors. 

While the tide seems to be turning as far as collaborating with and submitting to the reign of oil and gas giants, divestment from the fossil fuel industry isn’t happening nearly as fast enough to avoid the most devastating effects of the ecological and climate crisis. 

Please add your name to the petition and call on advertisers to once and for all do away with oil advertisements. The price for their misinformation campaigns is simply too high for us and the planet to bear.

Image: William Justen de Vasconcellos