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October 24, 2016

Help changing history written by white men

type: Donation, Project, Protest, Volunteering
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

The Transnational Queer Underground or TQU emerged as a reference to the "international pop underground", a convention initiated by Calvin Johnston (K Records/Portland/USA) in 1991 to take a stand against the sell-out of the music industry, which also laid the foundation for the riot grrrl movement. In 2009, the founder of the project and Berlin-based journalist Verena Spilker was researching on issues related to the queer music scene and thought that the information she collected might be useful to some other people as well. This is how TQU started as a website.

The website can be considered as an online magazine and platform with a focus on queer topics in music, art and literature. At TQU the term 'queer' is understood as a (self-)description for people or groups of people who do not conform to heteronormative rules and/or feel uncomfortable with categories implemented through a heteronormative society. 

Most of history has been written by white men. What they wrote and the truths they created are what we see reflected in mainstream global politics, media and discourses today. The way we see our sexuality, how we build families, how we structure our communities, and the power relationships around us, are deeply influenced by how history has been written so far. TQU is trying to change that by offering an alternative platform open to people who would like to publish their stories, their art or present their music to a larger audience.

If you want to help TQU develop further and make sure that independent platforms, magazines and as such continue existing and emerging, then don't hesitate to contribute by submitting your piece of art or donate an amount of your choice.

Illustration by solundurraga & mujer gallina