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July 11, 2016

Help end FGM and child marriage!

type: Donation, Protest
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

Can you imagine being forced to marry a man old enough to be your grandfather? Maria can.

She’s one of thousands of girls as young as 11 who are being denied their basic human rights. They are being robbed of an education. They aren’t getting a say in what happens to their bodies. And they’ve had enough. They’re starting a revolution against child marriage. But it will fail without your support.

Burkina Faso has a child marriage prevalence rate of 52%. On average, almost one out of two girls in Burkina will be married before the age of 18. The rates of child marriage vary from one region to another, and are as high as 86% in the Sahel region and 76% in the East region.

Maria ran away from her husband and is living with her family again – but thousands of young girls just like her are at risk. Will you join their revolution and help end child marriage once and for all?