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October 19, 2018

Help Paul Salopek record the story of the human race

type: Crowd Funding, NGO
by: Yair Oded

Out of Eden Walk is a decade-long, 21 thousand mile experiment in slow journalism launched by Paul Salopek. Starting off at the world’s oldest fossil site in Ethiopia in May 2013, Salopek began walking in the pathways of the first humans to migrate out of Africa and retracing their journey across the globe.

On the way, Salopek explores the major themes of our era, from climate change to mass migration, by giving a voice to those he meets along the journey who rarely make the news: villagers, nomads, traders, farmers, poets, artists, and soldiers. As he comes across locals in various countries, Salopek records their stories and testimonies in audio, video, and written form. By doing so, he provides us with a unique and unprecedented record of the global human experience- with all its challenges, character, and beauty- as we embark on a new millennium.

Five years, ten thousand miles, and 17 countries later, Salopek needs our support in order to complete the second half of his remarkable odyssey.

Please visit the website of the Out of Eden Walk nonprofit organization to either donate, volunteer, or otherwise support their effort to recreate our forefathers’ voyage and record the story of human society.

To learn more about and tune into Salopek journey, please visit The National Geographic’s Out of Eden Walk website, where you can witness the landscapes, see the faces, and listen to the voices he encounters.

Image: Out of Eden Walk Nonprofit