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August 11, 2015

Inspring girls. Investing in women.

type: Donation, NGO, Volunteering
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

The Malini Foundation is a nonprofit social enterprise advancing the interests of girls and women in Sri Lanka through quality education, empowerment and by bringing their voices to the international community.

Malini Foundation focuses on education of adolescent girls  due to a clear lack of organisations or programmes involved in educational youth work with girls only from age 6 on. Most children’s programmes focus on 0-5 year-olds, youth programmes tend to focus on males and older groups, and women’s programmes don’t typically capture adolescent girls. Programmes that do reach girls rarely address the ones most at risk.

By investing in adolescent girls Malini Foundation tries to solve the most persistent development problems facing the world today. Issues such as HIV and AIDS can be resolved and the cycle of poverty can be broken by investing in their economic potential through education and by delaying child marriage and teen pregnancy.

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