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May 20, 2019

Join Reclaim Pride Coalition’s alternative pride march in NYC this June

type: Donation, Protest, Volunteering
by: Yair Oded

Join Reclaim Pride Coalition’s alternative pride march in NYC this June

For years, pride marches across the globe have been tainted by corporate greed and government-pinkwashing, New York City’s legendary parade included.

As an alternative to the mainstream march, a grassroots organization called Reclaim Pride Coalition (RPC) will be conducting their own pride parade in NYC this coming June at the same time as the city’s official 2019 parade.

As officially announced by RPC last Tuesday, the parade will take place on June 30; the group will gather at Sheridan Square in the West Village at 9:30 AM, and march up 6th Ave. all the way up to Central Park, where they will hold a rally.

Unlike World Pride 2019, RPC’s Queer Liberation March will accept no corporate donations, include no corporate floats, and will be free from any police presence—in direct protest against NYPD’s frequent oppression of members of the LGBTQ community.

Speaking on behalf of RPC last Tuesday, activist Colin P. Ashley stated, “The current Pride parade is a corporate party that addresses none [of the issues the queer community faces]. We met repeatedly with them to return the march to the people, but they couldn’t see it. So we’re taking responsibility ourselves. And we’ve been thrilled by the reactions of unanimous support we’ve received by everyone we’ve reached out to.”

For more details about the march, please visit RPC’s website, where you could also pledge a donation and learn about their volunteer opportunities.

RPC meet every Wednesday at The People’s Forum in NYC (320 West 37th Street, 10018) to discuss the upcoming march as well as other LGBTQ-activism related matters. All are welcome to attend.

Image credit: Reclaim Pride Coalition.