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September 22, 2021

Join the global climate strike!

topic: Climate action
type: Campaign, NGO, Protest
by: Quinta Thomson

This Friday, 24 September, Fridays For Future (FFF) - a youth-led climate strike movement - have organised a global climate strike that we all can get involved in! 

The issue of climate change is so overwhelming and momentous that it is easy to separate it from other socio-economic issues. The climate crisis is amplified by racism, sexism, social inequality and unfettered capitalism.

One of the biggest obstructions to implementing climate solutions is inequality. The people and areas most affected by the climate crisis are struggling to adapt and adopt sustainable solutions due to vast disparities in the global community. 

Fridays For Future have recognised the role of the ‘Global North’ not only in causing destruction and ecological degradation in the world’s most affected areas, but also in exacerbating inequality of access to resources and much needed support.

The climate debt owed to the most affected people and areas is justified through a history of over-exploitation, which has led to them being hit the hardest during every recent crisis.

In today’s world, this is displayed through vaccine inequality and restrictive polices of ‘developed’ countries in sharing sustainable solutions to the pandemic. 

This Friday, you can help bolster the voices of those most affected by organising or finding your nearest strike. You can check out more about the strike on their page

Image by Callum Shaw