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March 29, 2019

Join the Sunrise Movement and help make the Green New Deal a reality

type: NGO, Petition, Volunteering
by: Yair Oded

Often left out of the discourse about the Green New Deal is the fact that a key player in penning, launching, and promoting the comprehensive initiative is the Sunrise Movement—a grassroots youth movement dedicated to eliminate the influence of oil on politics and halt climate change.

The movement is comprised of “an army of young people” who work tirelessly to make climate change a top priority for policy makers. They do so through a wide range of community outreach and advocacy campaigns.

From co-authoring the Green New Deal (which is now sponsored by more than politicians and public figures) to organizing meetings in living rooms, schools, and community centers across the United States, the organization’s members are successfully galvanizing Americans around this important cause. The organization’s focus is training and mobilizing America’s youth to become leaders in the fight against climate change.

Their message is crystal clear: the profit of a handful of oil and fossil fuel industry giants cannot dictate policy or determine the course of history. It is time to embrace greener technologies, uplift working-class communities throughout the transition process, and halt climate change. The time to do this is now, and there isn’t a second to waste.

Please visit their website for information about their upcoming events and learn about ways to get involved and attend trainings, and pressure your representative to throw their support behind the Green New Deal.

Image credit: Michael Brochstein / SOPA / Getty via The New Yorker