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Protest against Planned Logging in Hambach ForestProtest gegen Rodung des Hambacher Walds durch RWE
October 06, 2018

Let's make sure that "Hambi" stays!

type: Campaign, Donation, NGO, Protest
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

Protestors and activists defending the Hambach forest near Cologne/ Germany reached a mile-stone in climate history after weeks of resistance: Following a halt of the clearing of the ancient woodland ordered by the senior administrative court in the city of Münster on Friday, the administrative court in Aachen overruled a police ban on an anti-coal rally near the forest due Saturday, referring to the right of peaceful assembly, anchored in Article 8 of the German Basic Law.

Thus the planned anti-coal march "Save the Forest- Stop Coal!" will take place:

MARCH 06.10.
12 o’clock
Hambach Forest
Buir Train Station

Further informations about the march, materials and the possibility for donation are available on the campaigns webpage. Feel encouraged to take part in a movement which aims at conserving a thousands of years old forest, endangered native wild life and set a clear sign against fossil-based energy politics!