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February 01, 2022


topic: Human Rights
type: Campaign, Petition
by: Quinta Thomson

The recent disappearance of the international tennis player Peng Shuai is a mere addition to China’s record of human rights abuses over the past decade.

The implementation of the National Security Bill within Hong Kong, under which anything could be deemed a threat to ‘national security’, is just one example of the bypassing of legislature and general control of population. On the more extreme end of the rights spectrum, the detention of at least two million Uyghur, Kazakh and Uzbeck Muslims in inhumane detention camps has appalled the world. 

Despite the sheer number and variety of abuses committed by the Chinese government, the Winter Olympics remain to be held there this year. The Beijing Winter Olympics is a plain example of sport washing, and a display of the global community condoning the human rights violations currently taking place. Although the United Sates, United Kingdom, Australia, Lithuania and Kosovo have declared a diplomatic boycott of the Games, more action is necessary. 

#NoBeijing2022 is harnessing the power of protest and petition to call upon governments to avoid endorsing China’s human rights abuses and declare diplomatic boycotts.

The organisation recognises and raises awareness for Xi Jinping’s ‘unrelenting crackdown’ across China, Tibet, East Turkestan and other neighbouring territories. With reference to the 2008 Olympics, #NoBeijing2022 believes that the Winter Olympics taking place as usual will only further legitimise the current crackdown. 

The site offers an array of accessible information on recent events by the Chinese government and offers various methods for individuals to take action. This is a highly motivated and successful campaign, utilising the voices of all who object to the International Olympic Committee’s decision and are prepared to speak up.

With the Olympics taking place later this year, we are now in the most crucial period for showing a stand against the crimes committed by the Chinese government. Whether through donating to the campaign to help them organise vital media briefings with rights groups within China or utilising their valuable resources to make individual change within your area, we urge you to stand up for those persecuted by the Chinese government. 

Image by Todd Trapani.