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October 21, 2019

Petition calls on NY Gov. to sign bill requiring proper collection of data on LGBTQ population

type: Petition
by: Yair Oded

Across the world, the rights of queer individuals are being denied, and violence against them mounts. 

In the U.S., one of the hurdles in fighting for LGBTQ rights is the overwhelming lack of data about them. Across the country, public institutions and government agencies all but exclude from their surveys questions that could help map out and accurately estimate the unique needs of each sub-group within the larger LGBTQ community. 

The New York Transgender Advocacy Group (NYTAG), a transgender-led nonprofit organisation inclusive policies, community, and education around trans and queer issues, has launched an extensive campaign to ensure that sufficient data will be collected by institutions and state agencies on LGBTQ New Yorkers.  

The #LetsgetcountedNY campaign, which will run through June 2020, specifically focuses on the passing and ratification of the Enhancing Data & Understanding for LGBTQI New Yorkers bill, which will mandate “the collection of certain demographic information about the sexual orientation and gender identity by certain state agencies, boards and commissions.”

On its website, NYTAG state that, “Given the diversity of the population, categorizing data for different identities within the population and making the data publicly accessible is critical for enhancing our state's understanding of the needs and experiences of LGBTQI people.”

While the bill has passed both the NY State Assembly and Senate, it still requires the signature of Governor Andrew Cuomo in order to go into effect.

A petition by NYTAG calls on Governor Cuomo to sign the bill and protect the rights of LGBTQ New Yorkers by, first of all, making them visible and their needs known. 

Such a move by New York state could, hopefully, encourage other states to follow suit. 

Add your name to the petition today.

Image: Jordan McDonald.