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May 11, 2020

Protect women’s rights in Sudan

topic: Women’s rights
type: NGO, Volunteering
by: Yair Oded

Women’s rights in Sudan continue to be undermined. While some improvements do appear in that area, a great deal of work is still needed in order to galvanise both the public and government officials around the issue of women’s rights and achieve true equality. 

Zenab for Women in Development is a Sudan-based non-profit organisation working to promote rights and protections for women.

Established in 2000, ZWD is currently one of the few women’s rights organisations operating in Sudan, and is internationally recognised. The organisation partners with other groups in order to advocate on behalf of women’s rights and provide direct support through their programs to women of all backgrounds in Sudan. 

“ZWD’s mission is to promote and empower the social, economic and political status of vulnerable groups in Sudan – with emphasis on women and girls,” the organisation’s mission statement reads. It achieves these goals by supporting women’s livelihoods, lobbying for their rights, providing logistical and legal aid services, organising awareness-building activities, facilitating leadership training, and forging partnerships with other women’s rights groups. 

ZWD seeks to help Sudanese women overcome the challenge of thriving in more than one sphere of life. To that end, the organisation centers on four different aspects in which it works to uplift women: education and literacy; livelihood and resilience to climate change; access to potable water, sanitation, and hygiene; and human rights and peace-building. 

Currently, ZWD is reaching 100,000 women in the families in seven different states in Sudan. 

Please visit ZWD’s website to access their reports, learn about ways you can partner with them, and inquire about volunteer and support opportunities. 

Image: ZWD website