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May 10, 2016

Pushing the big ones on the green path

type: Donation, Petition, Protest
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

For decades fossil fuel companies have knowingly contributed to runaway climate change, ravaged local communities, and obstructed the development of renewables - all to pad their pockets with billions in profits.

In just a few days, thousands of shareholders will vote on whether to make these oil giants disclose their lobbying, do better reporting, and prove their business model in a low-carbon world.

Online activism group SumOfUs teamed up with a powerful coalition with Asset Owners Disclosure Project and ShareAction to use shareholder and investor pressure to make Chevron and Exxon diversify away from oil and gas.

This petition is crucial for inhabitants of the US, the UK, Canada or Australia who probably contributed to a mutual fund, superannuation fund, or pension fund -- like Vanguard, Canada Pension Plan or AustralianSuper. 

The action group established an online voting so that one can tell his or her pension or superannuation fund to support four different resolutions which are all aimed at diversifying oil companies away from fossil fuels.

Vote your pension and make these shareholder resolutions passed at Exxon and Chevron’s AGMs and help pushing big oil into the low-carbon future!