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September 27th, 2021

Raise three fingers for Myanmar

topic: Arts
type: Campaign, Donation, NGO, Protest
by: Quinta Thomson

Since 1 February, the human rights crisis in Myanmar has been worsening. 

Beginning when the military overthrew the democratically elected government in a coup, by April at least 707 civilians had been killed and over 3,000 detained. 

Throughout this past year, security forces have repeatedly fired and used excessive force on peaceful protestors, killing over 900 protestors and bystanders. 

These have been deemed by Human Rights Watch as serious crimes against humanity. Civil resistance efforts quickly emerged, and the three-finger salute was adopted as a protest symbol. 

Human rights and the arts are intrinsically interlinked, and it is often true that the most successful campaigns are the most creative.  

Raise Three Fingers is a campaign hub founded by artists and creatives in Myanmar that “brings the global art community together and highlights the unfolding human rights and humanitarian crises.” 

The protest symbol of three fingers is something that cannot be destroyed or touched by authority - highlights the group. The site uses this concept to build the resistance movement and protect human rights in Myanmar, asking you to raise three fingers with them. 

This is done via any art form that can be uploaded by anyone onto their site, which now contains a beautiful art gallery that advocates for democracy. 

You can easily join the movement by uploading your three finger salute in any medium onto their website or your own social media.

Image by Pyae Sone Htun.