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red trunk
March 02, 2017

Red Trunk - teaching kids about other cultures

type: Donation, NGO, Project
by: Ama Lorenz

The Red Trunk Project provides children from around the world with in-depth, hands-on insights to other cultures, thereby replacing divisiveness, hatred, and violence with inclusiveness, tolerance, and a shared understanding of one another. By opening young hearts and minds to cultures which differ from their own — often from distant parts of the world that they might not ever travel to themselves — Red Trunk Project connects children with one another in rich and meaningful ways.

In the first year, Red Trunk Project will focus on testing trunks filled with the cultures of the pilot locations Addis Ababa, Ethiopis and Oaxaca, Mexico.

If there is any hope for the human race to survive, progress, and prosper, the walls that separate "us" from "them" must come down - and this hope for a better world lies with our children. There is no better reason than that to support this project.