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June 02, 2018

Russia's #Cupofshame

type: Petition, Protest
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

For 7 years Syria has been hell on earth.

President Assad's extermination of his own people has been chillingly surgical: he surrounds towns so civilians can't leave, cuts off access to food and medicine, and drops bombs, even chemical weapons, on desperate families. 400,000 have died -- and he's just started in on a new target.

There's one reason why Assad's been able to continue with this destruction: Russia. But now there's one thing Russia may care about more than Syria: saving the World Cup it hosts this year.

The British Prime Minister just announced no Ministers will attend. Australia, Japan and Poland may be next. And there's massive debate in Germany about a boycott. Russia could finally be pushed to stop the bombing by getting more governments and players to join in opposing the World #Cupofshame.

Sign the Avaaz petition to support the boycott of this year's World Cup in Russia and urge the government to stop the bombing in Syria!