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ohrid lake
October 26, 2015

Save the oldest lake in Europe!

type: Petition
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

Located in the Dinaric Alps on the border between the Republic of Macedonia and Albania, with estimated age of around 4 million years, Lake Ohrid is the oldest natural lake in Europe and one of the oldest lakes in the whole world. With over 200 endemic species harboured in its waters it is the most important lentic ecosystem on the European continent.

Now the Macedonian government plans to dry the (Studenchishte) Wetland which is crucial for the survival of the lake in order to build apartments complexes on the coastline and cut down the last remaining reed bed and covering a large area of the lake with concrete platforms “to grow” huge tourist resorts. A 50ha area of protected National Park area will be destroyed due to building a 14 km expressway and another 400ha will die for a ski complex which will include a huge hotel and a settlement with houses.  

Call on the Macedonian Prime Minister to stop the procedures for changes of the Galicia National Park Management Plan. Sign the petition against the the urban development plans of Ohrid and the Ohrid lake coastline!