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Students From A Maryland High School Organize Walkout And March On Capitol Demanding Gun Control Action From Congress
September 07, 2018

Say NO to arming teachers in the U.S.

type: Petition
by: Yair Oded

Gun violence has spiraled out of control across America in the last two decades. Schools have been particularly vulnerable, with dozens of shootings taking place in educational institutions in recent years. So far in 2018, school shootings average at roughly one per week.

However, in responding to the tragic loss of innocent lives at schools, the current administration proposed to increase the proliferation of arms in educational institutions by arming teachers. Essentially, the President of the United States and his aids are seeking to end the cycle of violence by potentially inciting more violence, suggesting that arming school teachers will “instantly” solve the problem.

Such absurd and and dangerous sentiments were echoed by members of the National Rifle Association, who seconded the president and maintained that requiring teachers to bear arms is the most efficient way to guarantee students’ safety.

Everytown For Gun Safety, an organization committed to combating gun violence, has launched a campaign seeking to keep guns out of schools and torpedo the administration’s attempt to arm teachers.

In addition to signing the petition, one could visit Everytown For Gun Safety's website, and find information regarding upcoming events and campaigns, as well as guidelines and instructions on how to get involved locally to tackle gun violence, both in schools and in general.

Image credit: EVERYTOWN For Gun Safety