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November 16, 2015

Shell: Stop the greenwashing and get serious about climate change!

type: Petition, Project
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

In a surprising turn of events, Shell's board of executives has officially endorsed resolution committing the company to take action against climate change. Still, Shell is lobbying UN representatives to block any kind of real climate solutions in the run-up to the UN climate talks in Paris this year.

We can't let Shell's stated commitment to fight climate change be mere greenwashing. If Shell's executives are really serious about tackling climate change, then they have to stop meddling with the climate talks.

The UN negotiations are no place for fossil fuel lobbyists -- they are where global leaders, scientists and activists meet annually and decide on real climate action. The stakes are very high at this year's talks in Paris. A climate deal that reduces carbon emissions across countries and industries seems in sight, so fossil fuel companies should not be allowed to obstruct the talks.

If Shell's executives are real about climate change then it should stop meddling with UN climate negotiations. Sign the petition asking Shell to take real steps to tackle climate change - pledge to keep your lobbyists away from the UN climate talks in Paris!