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August 25, 2019

Sign Planned Parenthood’s letter against gov’t suppression of women’s health

type: NGO, Petition
by: Yair Oded

As part of its onslaught on women’s right to choose, the Trump administration has instituted a new rule which stipulates that any healthcare provider benefiting from the federal Title X program for family planning for low income people will be barred from referring patients to abortion clinics.

In response, Planned Parenthood - which serves 40 percent of all low income people in the U.S. who receive birth control, pregnancy tests, and screenings for sexually transmitted diseases and cervical cancer - announced that it will reject federal funding due to the recent gag-rule.

According to the new policy, while federally-funded healthcare providers will be allowed to discuss abortion with patients, they will be prohibited from recommending it as a family planning option or supply them with any information about clinics or where they can access such services.

Without Title X funding, organisations like Planned Parenthood will take a massive hit in their ability to serve the low income public, which will inevitably face longer wait times for appointments and lose access to certain care services.

The repercussions of manipulating Planned Parenthood out of the program will be particularly catastrophic in states where the organisation is the main recipient of Title X funds, and where low income women will have to resort to life threatening methods of terminating unwanted pregnancies and lose access to basic healthcare. 

Please take a moment to sign and electronically submit Planned Parenthood’s open letter to President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, which urges them to remove the gag rule from Title X and preserve this vital program’s integrity.

The lives of millions of Americans are on the line. Every voice counts.

Image credit: MarketWatch