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September 16, 2015

Support Medical Teams International!

type: Donation, NGO, Volunteering
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

Medical Team International is a global health organization, helping with disaster relief around the world. They deliver medical and dental care, humanitarian aid, and holistic development programs to all people in need, regardless of religion, nationality, sex, or race. They send teams of volunteer medical professionals and medical supplies to care for the sick and injured, and help establish long-term health promotion initiatives.

Medical Teams International’s programs are designed to provide a swift, coordinated disaster recovery plan in crisis situations. Collaborating with local government agencies, they evaluate the disaster impact and coordinate with a standby pool of trained and experienced disaster response volunteers to send aid within 48 hours.

Through partnerships with local health organizations, MTI provides transitional health and community programming for impacted communities, from disaster relief to development, saving lives and improving quality of care. They also enable self-sufficiency, preparing communities for future disasters by identifying the highest risks for disaster and how to mitigate these.

In times of the biggest refugee crisis after the 2nd World War, it is our turn to support professional organisations with focus on crisis response. Support Medical Teams International by volunteering, donating or simply praying.