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April 24, 2018

Support "Teachers on the Road" to reach their funding goal!

type: Crowd Funding
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

The German association "Teachers on the Road" came to life after the founding members of the initiative had toured through many refugee camps in Germany, finding the locations and living conditions of the refugees in a desolate state. The goal of the many volunteers was to break the isolation under which most refugees have to suffer and allow them more social participation by learning the local language.

The "Teachers" offer free German language courses for refugees and migrants in general regardless of their residence status, origin or language skills. With currently 120 volunteers, they organize daily low-threshold courses in in many urban areas of Germany. Their offers create spaces for an appreciative togetherness, for friendship and active solidarity. The volunteers support participants in the areas of education, work, asylum, housing, financial distress and practical everyday life. They also finance public transport tickets, enabling mobility and social participation - a key measure for a succesfull integration of newcomers.

Now their project is in need of new funding possibilities to maintain their free of cost offers. That is why the initiative started a campaign on the crowdfunding platform, applying for the German Integration Prize of the Hertie Foundation.

If you wish to support them in their funding goal of 10.000 €, you may choose to donate a small amount for extra credits on your Karma account or get an "Isolation-Breaking-Package" as a goody, if your possbilities to give are less limited. Whatever you decide to give, support this great and important project with your donation, or simply share and like the contents of the "Teachers" in your circles.