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afghan surfing
September 11, 2018

Support the documentary "Unsurfed Afghanistan"

type: Crowd Funding, Donation
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

"Unsurfed Afghanistan" is a documentary film that follows Afridun Amu in his quest to bring joy to his homeland- Afghanistan. Afri, a trained jurist, has spent much of his life searching the world’s coastlines for surf spots. This film accompanies him to his home country with just the same goal. Afghanistan, however, has no access to the sea. How, then, was Afri going to achieve his goal of bringing surfing as a joyful sports to landlocked Afghanistan?

With the help of experienced river-surfers, the team around Afri spotted locations no surfboard has ever touched. Through risky, agitated streams underneath a calm whitish looking river surface, broken roads, temperature swings, and cultural differences, Afri captures footage that unveils an almost mystical side of Afghanistan and its people. 

Afridun Amu established the Wave Riders Association of Afghanistan (WRAA) in 2012. Since, WRAA has hosted the first Afghan National Surf Competition in Portugal and joined the International Surf Association World Games.

Now the film's team needs your support to finish their work in a way that honors the mission. They are in need of funds for the post production in order to get the movie to the film festival circuit.

Please feel encouraged to follow the link on Kickstarter. There you may contribute to this film and help the team make the impossible possible.