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March 26, 2020

Support your community during the COVID-19 crisis!

topic: Humanitarian Aid
type: Campaign, Crowd Funding, NGO, Volunteering
by: Yair Oded

In this time of uncertainty and fear, it is easy to sink into a sense of bewilderment and helplessness. 

In the U.S., lack of leadership on the federal level and incoherent messages from heads of states leave many in a state of perpetual anxiety and a lack of adequate resources. 

In such circumstances, and while under quarantine, even people who wish to help those around them find themselves unaware of what and how to do. 

Mutual Aid societies, a long-time platform used by people around the country to extend help to those in need in a time of crisis, have been proliferating across the United States over the last few weeks.

Organisers of Mutual Aid hubs map out the types of assistance needed in their vicinity and provide information about local resources as well as organise volunteer missions and donations for those in need.

During the coronavirus crisis, many Mutual Aid societies expand their online operations and communication channels - creating detailed databases with available resources and conducting video conferences with community members. 

Please consult this interactive map to identify existing Mutual Aid and community self-support projects in your area. You may also submit a new Mutual Aid group through the registration form available on the web page.

You may also check out this database which contains a long list of resources and Mutual Aid projects, catagorised according to state and topic. Among the topics included are elder support, healthcare provider support, mental and physical health, and organising for specific demands. 

This pandemic, which cripples nations around the world, infects hundreds of thousands of people, and exposes the deep-rooted weaknesses in our governing system, could leave one feeling that the challenges are simply too daunting to tackle. 

But it is through initiatives such as Mutual Aid groups that we can get in touch with our immediate communities and make a difference in people’s lives during this crisis. 

Image: via Flickr.