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May 31, 2019

The elephants of Botswana are now more vulnerable than ever

type: Petition
by: Mei Alozie

For five years, Botswana has taken a leading conservationist role in the world in its prohibition of the practice of elephant hunting, and its protection of one of the largest elephant communities in Africa. Highly valued for their ivory tusks, these animals are consistently being targeted and killed to fulfill commercial interests.

The decision made by President Mokgweetsi Masisi and the Botswana government to reverse the hunting ban is therefore potentially fatal for the future of this community of highly intelligent animals. Despite claims that it is the only way of preventing human-elephant conflict, there is a lack of evidence to show the effectiveness of this approach, and its impact may prove detrimental to the future of an already vulnerable species.

Humane Society International is a charity dedicated to protecting animals all over the globe in a stand against their exploitation. Through both advocacy and fieldwork, they strive to limit animal suffering and are fighting to convince the Botswana government to withdraw this decision.

Please sign Humane Society International’s petition  and support them in defending the lives of elephants.