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July 01, 2019

The time to fight the climate crisis is now. Join Extinction Rebellion today

type: NGO, Protest, Volunteering
by: Yair Oded

From wildfires, droughts and floods to hurricanes and climate-induced migration patterns - The disastrous effects of the climate crisis become extremely evident all across the world. 

While governments and cities in various countries seem to be taking steps to curb CO2 emissions and transition to greener economies, the pace of their progress seems to be far too slow considering the 12-year deadline posed by the IPCC - by which we must completely do away with fossil fuels if we wish to avoid irreversible damage by climate change. 

The confluence of corporate greed, power-hunger and trepidation by top politicians and leaders, and insufficient and imprecise media coverage on climate change significantly reduce our changes at tackling this climate climate crisis in a just and timely manner. 

Extinction Rebellion is an international nonprofit which works to pressure governments to take bolder, faster steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero and halt the destruction of biodiversity by 2025. Additionally, the group demands news and media outlets to engage in truthful and transparent coverage of the climate crisis.

Rebellion Extinction operate through a network of local groups, spread out across different countries, which carry out community meetings, events, and disruptive demonstrations to promote their cause.

On their website, the group elaborates on its unique method of operation, stating that, “Conventional approaches of voting, lobbying, petitions and protest have failed because powerful political and economic interests prevent change. Our strategy is therefore one of non-violent, disruptive civil disobedience – a rebellion.”

Substantial progress on climate change can only stem from a combination of various forms of advocacy, protest, and action. That said, without the urgency and courage of groups such as Extinction Rebellion, our chances of speeding up the transition to green economies will be slim. 

Please visit Extinction Rebellion website to learn more about their mission and find out how you can contribute to their efforts through a group near you.

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