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white helmets women
January 09, 2015

The White Helmets Women

type: Crowd Funding
by: Murat Suner

Support the women saving Syria from the bombs

When the bombs rain down in Syria, the White Helmets - the Syrian Civil Defence - rush in to look for life in the rubble. These firefighters, search and rescue workers and medics are unarmed and impartial. And together they've saved 10,221 lives.

Until October, almost all of the official members of the White Helmets were men. But now, as of only a few weeks ago, two women's teams were established - and many more volunteers want to join them.

These women are calling for support from around the world - three ambulances for each of their teams in Idlib and Aleppo to help them transport injured victims to safety.

Each ambulance costs $15,000-- donate now and together we can buy 6 of them for Syria's hardest-hit areas.