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April 09, 2020

This Nigerian NGO works to end sex trafficking

topic: Women’s rights
type: Donation, NGO
by: Yair Oded

The rights of women and children in Nigeria are still subject to frequent violations.

In addition to rampant discrimination, many Nigerian women (particularly young women) fall prey to kidnapping and sex trafficking conducted by powerful syndicates of traffickers and enabled by corrupt individuals in positions of power. They are then enslaved by their captors and undergo abhorrent physical, psychological, and sexual abuse.

The Women’s Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON) is a Lagos, Nigeria based non-profit NGO working to promote and preserve the rights of women and children in Nigeria. 

Established in 1995, WOCON holds a UN Special Consultative status and conducts extensive research, awareness building, and advocacy efforts concerning children’s and women’s rights. 

Among the organisation’s main areas of focus is human trafficking, and specifically sex trafficking of women and children both within and out side of Nigeria to countries in Europe. WOCON collaborates with several other organisations in order to thoroughly study the phenomenon of sex trafficking and engage with stakeholders and people vulnerable to the practice in order to eliminate it. 

“WOCON is stepping up its efforts to expose and eradicate this abusive and illegal practice,” the organisation states on its website. “WOCON pioneered the Launch of the campaign against trafficking of women on March 8 1997 in Lagos and has since engaged in sensitisation, awareness and advocacy campaigns in the International, Regional and Sub-Regional and National levels.” 

Please visit WOCON’s website to read more about its mission and advocacy efforts, access its reports, learn about its ongoing projects promoting women’s and children’s rights and pledge a donation.

Image: WOCON website