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November 08, 2019

We Are Still In reinforce the United States’ commitment to fight the climate crisis

type: Campaign, Project
by: Yair Oded

By pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, the Trump administration signaled to the international community that the United States government under his lead will not partake in the global effort to tackle the climate emergency.

This announcement came on the heels of a slew of draconian policies aimed at weakening existing mechanisms designed to curb emissions and halt the degradation of the environment. 

In the face of the government’s disastrous climate agenda, states, cities, businesses, and organisations throughout the United States banded together and formed a group called We Are Still In - with the intention of showing the world that America will not abandon its commitment to the battle against climate change, regardless of the administration’s position.

Founded in 2017, We Are Still In is a coalition comprised of U.S. cities, states, businesses, organisations, tribes, faith groups, cultural institutions, and universities who support one another in setting ambitious targets to reduce their carbon footprint and set up commitments for climate action.

By entering the We Are Still In community, member-entities gain access to a wide pool of resources and knowledge, derive inspiration from others’ climate targets, and get support for setting up their own climate action commitments based on their unique environment, organisation type, and means. 

Eliminating harmful packaging practices, switching to sustainable delivery methods, and establishing organic waste processing sites on university campuses are merely a few ways in which We Are Still In members contributed to the fight against climate change. 

There are numerous ways in which one can support We Are Still In. If you are part of an organisation or institution operating in the United States, you may consult We Are Still In’s website for more information and enroll in their coalition. 

As an individual, you may inquire about member organisations operating in your vicinity and help spread the word about their involvement. You may also encourage any organisation or institution you come in frequent contact with - be it a prayer group, a school, or your local grocery store - to join We Are Still In and learn about ways in which they can take significant climate action. 

We Are Still In also provides extensive information about how to reduce one’s carbon footprint and incorporate environmental awareness into our daily lives.  

Currently, We Are Still In consists of 3,811 leaders, representing over 155 million people in 50 states and $9 trillion in GDP. Just to put things into perspective, if We Are Still In were its own country, it would constitute the third biggest economy in the world, right after the U.S. and China.

This movement, which only continues to grow, constitutes a major force capable of promoting and pursuing ambitious climate goals in lieu of action by the federal government, all the while showing the world that Americans are committed to preserving the planet, whether their president supports them or not. 

Please visit We Are Still In’s website for additional information about their work, mission, and to learn more about ways to take action

Image: We Are Still In