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July 31, 2017

ZMAG: A place where nature loves society

type: Donation, Education, NGO, Project, Volunteering
by: Deniz Zehra Tavli

ZMAG (Zelena Mreža Aktivističkih Grupa, Green network of activist groups) is an NGO founded in 2002 and is engaged in permaculture education, environmental protection and raising awareness on sustainable living. The organization’s members are organic gardeners and food producers, sustainable and natural building practitioners, permaculture designers and teachers, researchers of fair and egalitarian social and organizational models, environmental activists and those interested in sustainable living.

ZMAG is one of the Centers of Knowledge for Social Development in Croatia in the area of sustainable living and development of permaculture. The NGO promotes, develops and practices permaculture, environmental knowledge and skills, applicable models and technology as well as relations that are important for sustainable living. Over the years ZMAG has established itself in the areas of permaculture education, natural building and promotion of renewable energy resources and development of low-tech DIY technologies. ZMAG is working through several projects, on promoting Food Sovereignty, helping startup Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) groups in Croatia and creating good economic models that support family-owned small eco-famers. Through advocacy and education on seed protection and saving, they are acting on a local level in order to create community resilience.

At the same time, the members of ZMAG are actively involved in several educational programs in schools on subjects from climate change, seed saving, food production and preparation, composting and energy. In addition to advocacy work, policy analyses, networking and campaigns, their members participate in national working groups that create public policies, strategies and plans in areas relevant to our organization. All of the subjects which are addressed –food, economy, energy, political power, ideologies, social values and consumerism – through their practical hands-on approach, are an endeavor of creating a new culture of collaboration and environmental stewardship that is necessary to sustain a livable planet.

ZMAG aspires to a world where an adequate standard of living, social and human rights for all people is met with respect to environment and sustainability. Support them by donating, volunteering and/or spreading their contents through your preferred channels!