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Throughout it all, our message is clear

Local reporting, personal perspectives and uncovering the truth is at the helm of every single FairPlanet story, and during the coronavirus outbreak, we have remained focused on the cause.

It is sometimes difficult to see through the clouds; COVID-19 has been a dense cloud indeed. But our mission at FairPlanet to always bring forward the many perspectives and shed light on the untold local stories has never been truer, requiring each and every one of our team members look forward, to see through the mist of the clouds and to continue telling the truth behind each event.

Welcome back to FairPlanet's weekly roundup. This time we're dedicating this space to the brave and inspiring work of our global team as we cover the impact COVID-19 has had on our planet.

Read. Debate: Engage.

The good

The novel virus has shut down the world. It has sparked never-before-seen in times of peace lockdowns the world over. It sent millions into unemployment and our economies into a chaotic frenzy. It also took the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals. Yes. But within the trauma and hardship, it also created acts of good, on a local level as well as on a global scale.

One stark indicator of the pandemic’s far-reaching impact is its effect on fossil fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Preliminary data show a stark, albeit short, decline the world over, with China falling by 18 per cent and the EU dropping by 400 million metric tonnes this year, a figure that represents about 9 per cent of the EU’s cumulative 2020 emissions target.

Technological and medical innovation has also been a source of inspiration as countries collaborate and exchange insight to work together toward finding a vaccine and other forms of medical tracking through apps in the interim.

The pandemic could bring out the best in humanity


Can COVID-19 outbreak save Africa’s endangered wildlife?

by Cyril Zenda

With China – the main market for most endangered African wildlife species – imposing a “thorough ban” on consumption of some of these animals, there is a glimmer of hope for pangolins, bats, civets among other animals.

Combating Corona: Technology to the rescue

by Bob Koigi

As COVID-19 grinds the world to a halt, necessity has birthed transformative innovations that continue to play a pivotal role in flattening the curve.
child puppet poverty

G-20: cancel poor countries’ debt amidst COVID-19

by Yair Oded

Wealthy nations should eliminate the debt of poor countries, so that they can divert their resources to combating the COVID-19 pandemic.
The bad

The global virus outbreak equally put into acceleration mode the biggest issues facing our societies today. From the immense wealth inequality, the crumbling public health services, America’s unimaginable private health sector and its inherent discrimination, to the historically disenfranchised, the immigrants and our inability to stop generating waste.

The pandemic and in turn lockdowns we have been under across the world has also shed a light on domestic abuse and women’s inequality, particularly in the household and even more so under a law system that fails to protect them inside their own homes.

The novel virus did not create new problems but merely poured fuel on some of the biggest issues facing humanity today and in many ways, that has always been part of our societies. Perhaps now is the time to truly face these issues and combat them together, as in many ways, we’ve never been so together in one situation as a global society.

The Pandemic poured fuel on some of our biggest existing issues


Abusive husband's victim: "Who would imagine I would regret the bars and clubs closing?"

by Katarina Panić

As more countries impose anticorona measures, more domestic violence helplines and shelters across the world are reporting rising calls for help. UN Women called the phenomenon "the shadow pandemic", desperately lacking governrmental response.
roma slovakai

COVID-19: Cooperation is key in marginalised communities

by Magdalena Rojo

The implementation and enforcement of quarantine measures for about 6,200 Roma in five Slovakian settlements raise serious concerns.

Moscow residents sue City Hall for "illegal" restrictions

by Igor Serebryany

Lockdown measures enforced in Moscow have not been excessive nor do they violate residents' rights, Mayor of the Russian capital Sergei Sobyanin said.
pollution plastic

U.S. ramps up plastic production during coronavirus pandemic

by Yair Oded

The U.S. is caving to pressure from plastic manufacturers asking to increase production citing coronavirus as an excuse. Developing nations pay the price.

Political dispute and gatherings stand out in Brazil during pandemic

by Ellen Nemitz

Under Bolsonaro’s administration, the coronavirus wins.
A note from the editors

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Our correspondents work hand in hand with our international editors to make sure that the stories we bring to you are always told from the first-hand experience. But it's not always easy, and the battle to tell the truth from all perspectives and so many different regions of the world always come with hardship, bravery and cooperation toward a better information landscape for all.

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Ama Lorenz, Editor-in-chief & Co-Founder and Murat Suner, Managing Director & Co-Founder