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About FairPlanet




FairPlanet is a global non-profit social enterprise and solutions media organisation founded in 2014 in Berlin. 

We operate a global network of over 180 specialised journalists and experts reporting from 50 countries across all continents.


At FairPlanet, we report on human rights and environmental justice, and support Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) across the globe. To do so, we spotlight local solutions that are globally relevant to our era's crucial challenges. We inform independently, raise awareness and mobilise our global community to create positive change.


We are funded through donations, project work and grants. 

We apply a global equal pay system, whereby all colleagues across the world are paid equitably.


We have a community of 195,000+ followers and subscribers on Social Media and our newsletters, and reach over a million people per month worldwide. 

So far, we have published thousands of reports, articles and videos about human rights, civil rights and environmental justice, and supported over hundreds of international and local organisations, social enterprises, campaigns and petitions.



We believe that in order for public attitudes to ethically shift and for civic engagement on core issues to grow, people need access to substantive and independently-sourced information that originates from the direct perspective of stakeholders. All the while, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals constitute important pillars of our editorial guidelines. 

FairPlanet strives to extend beyond reporting and seeks to contribute to the improvement of the lives of people, other living beings and their habitats through solution-oriented journalism and campaigns. In order to maximise the impact of our work, our content is available for republishing under the Creative Commons License. 

READ: readers are introduced to EDITORS' PICKS for a daily insight into current affairs. Our STORIES explore the origins of globally relevant problems and the local initiatives attempting to solve them. Our coverage assesses the tangible impact of these solutions while producing insight that can inspire others to take action as well. Our OP EDs provide expert opinions into matters concerning human rights and environmental justice. 

DEBATE: we publish DOSSIERS and long-form DEVELOPING STORIES, which foster both online and offline debates about global humanitarian and environmental issues. Through our  CREATIVE SERIES, journalists, filmmakers and organisations provide an emotional perspective to the world's most pressing issues.

ENGAGE: FairPlanet’s editors research and promote organisations, projects and campaigns that articulate the voices of affected communities and aim to tackle the issues we address in our articles, giving our readers credible ways to advocate for and bring about positive change. 


Story pitches should be emailed to

In your pitch, please include a detailed summary of the story you'd like to report on and highlight the solution angle you wish to pursue. It should be clear how the story pertains to one or more of the core issues covered by FairPlanet: human rights, civil rights and environmental justice. 

Please mention which source(s) you intend to interview for the piece, what would be a feasible deadline for the first draft, and what format you wish to deliver the story in (text, video, audio, etc.).

If you have not been commissioned by FairPlanet before, please include a paragraph about your journalism experience and professional background, as well as links to samples of your published work in English. 

In 2023, we will prioritise solutions-oriented stories related to food, water, democracy and LGBTQ+ rights. 


At FairPlanet we value and promote diversity and inclusion. We are committed to fostering a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment for our colleagues, partners and audience members, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, religion or identity. 

This is reflected in our recruitment process, the make-up of our team, the content we produce and the community of readers we build. 

As a human rights and environmental justice media organisation, we do not only advocate for values of diversity and equity, but actively embrace and implement these principles in our everyday work.


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