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the us elections are around the corner...

For this week's roundup, we are all hands on deck around the looming US Presidential elections, which will take place on Tuesday, November 3. But another international day which we cannot ignore, taking place the day before on November 2, is International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists.

The importance of this day could not be clearer as we come together to hopefully remove from office one of the most dangerous presidents in recent history for the integrity of journalism. Since his first day in office, Trump and his administration have attacked the free press, dubbing the world's most prominent news outlets and journalists as creators of "fake news" and sending a dangerous message across the world that is loud and clear: the press is corrupt, inaccurate, bias and perpetuates fake news.

The implications of creating such a standard from the world's most powerful leader have been immense, with journalism struggling to secure authority around the truth and with journalists faced with danger like never before.

Journalism is integral to our democracies; the truth is crucial in order to keep our politicians accountable in the eyes of the public and the law.

FairPlanet's roundup this week is all about the upcoming elections and the importance of protecting our world's journalists and free press. Read. Debate: Engage.

The good

we've never been more united to get people voting

The left is uniting to encourage everyone to get involved and vote, volunteer and support the upcoming elections by any means possible.

From phoning up potential voters, to aiding in the counting of the millions of in-mail ballots, all the way through to rectifying ballots that will otherwise be disqualified for minute errors, each and every one of us who can help, should help.

This also means spreading information that comes from credible sources to anyone in your network, and, if you live in the US, to making sure you ring up at least 5 people in your circle and remind them to vote.

Over the past 4 years, Crooked Media has been dedicated to empowering the US public with news around the political system and the 2020 elections and now they have launched a website that has all the information you need to get involved, no matter what state you live in.

Check out their website. See how you can help now.

The bad

voter suppression and misinformation are on the rise

The US has one of the lowest population turnouts during elections in the developed world. And it's no accident.

The Voting Rights Act of 1965, signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson, aimed to overcome legal barriers at the state and local levels that prevented African Americans from exercising their right to vote as guaranteed under the 15th Amendment to the US Constitution.

However voter suppression is still with us today. From small regulations being passed state by state around the type of ID you need to have in order to vote, or your ballot's disqualification if you wrote a short version of your name, a slightly different signature to that on your State ID, to setting the election day to a Tuesday in Autumn with no national holiday. All of these make sure that those who cannot afford to miss a shift and stand in line, or who do not have a correct ID are not able to cast their vote.

This election year, Trump and his gang have close to dismantled the postal service, and have just barred from states to be able to count ballots that arrive past election date, even if the stamp date is prior to November 3.

This is voter suppression to the highest degree of 'legality'.


Stem the flow of misinformation online

by Yair Oded

Science Feedback is a nonprofit NGO working to flag misinformation online regarding climate and health issues. Support them in saving our democracies.
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Croatia journalism

Solidarity among journalists defeats a "Silence the Truth" system

by Katarina Panić

Zagreb-based investigative journalist Ana Malbaša travelled to Varaždin in north-western Croatia on the last day of August. She went to a local hospital to meet a psychiatrist whose former patients – young girls and women – accused him of sexual abuse. She asked him questions. He rejected the allegations.
pakistan army

Forcing free media into submission in Pakistan

by Shadi Khan Saif

The dominant military establishment in Pakistan has practically been at the helm of affairs throughout its history.

Under Bolsonaro, Brazilian journalists are tired of the same old story

by Natalie Southwick

In Brazil, like elsewhere, the government is cracking down on journalists and the media. It is up to all of to speak out for freedom of the press.

Investigative journalism is the way to go

by Shadi Khan Saif

Particularly for the day of voting, power brokers in developing countries have sought ways around the representative democracy to manipulate public trust.
To our US-based community

it's too late to vote by mail...

... due to aggressive defunding of the US Post Office by the Trump administration, the postal service across the country is under tremendous stress with in-mail voting at a record high. However, the call to no longer post your ballot has been sent out by politicians, campaigners and journalists, claiming that your ballot might not reach the polling stations in time.

For all US citizens who have not yet posted their ballots, from today, we urge you to do it in person through drop boxes in your areas or to go to the polling stations on election day.

There will be queues. But we will all stand in them, no matter how long it takes. We must queue.


The United States of America, spanning from West coast to East coast of North America is the world's strongest economy with the strongest military power. But beyond its grip on political and economic affairs, the U.S. has one, if not the most, powerful culture machines on Earth, spanning across pop-culture, cinema, music and Television.

With a population of 327 million people, across 50 States, the U.S. struggles with its vast inequality despite immense wealth. Public health is still a concept far away from reality for millions of Americans and gross incarceration prevails – it is estimated that more than 2.9 million citizens are currently locked behind bars, the world's highest rate.

2019 marked the 400 year anniversary of the beginning of the transatlantic slave trade, which caused both the immense abuse and suffering of millions of African people, and the unpaid source of America's wealth creation on the back of its slaves.

From the founding of the United States to the abolition of slavery, the Jim Crow laws to the ongoing mass incarceration of Black citizens, racism and structural discrimination prevails and no reparations for slavery have been paid as of today.

With a two-party political system, the left-leaning Democrats and the right-leaning Republicans, and an outdated electoral system, the U.S. is currently battling to preserve its democracy, with extreme right gaining more power and international interference becoming a growing issue.