Do we go for taste or impact? How much does your meat consumption contribute to climate change?
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Do we go for taste or impact? How much does your meat consumption contribute to climate change?

We’re well aware by now that the meat industry is a major contributor to global GHG emissions. But how much does a meatless diet reduce our carbon footprint?

This month’s highlights

The environmental toll of our smartphones

by Chermaine Lee

To arrive in our hands, our beloved devices create a trail of destruction.

Voices from a sinking town

by Hanan Zaffar, Danish Pandit

Why is the Indian government burying reports of an impending disaster in the Himalayas?

A rare win for the ocean

by Ellen Nemitz

This recent decision by the Chilean government could be a game changer for marine environments.

How Russia oppresses climate activists

by Katarzyna Rybarczyk

Defenders of the environment in Russia are subjected to harassment, violence and expulsion for speaking out.

Inside Japan's snowy nightmare

by Chermaine Lee

With rising death tolls from devastating snow storms, is the Japanese government prepared to handle the blizzards of climate change?

China's bumpy road to net zero

by Chermaine Lee

What's standing in China's way from achieving its green ambitions?

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