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January 27, 2020

Make fracking in the U.S. a practice of the past!

type: Campaign, NGO
by: Yair Oded

Fracking, which stands for hydraulic fracturing, is the process of pumping enormous quantities of water mixed with chemicals (including carcinogens) underground in order to fracture rock formations and release oil or natural gas. 

As fracking technologies expanded, the practice became increasingly harmful to the environment and people's health.

Using highly-toxic chemicals, fracking and fracking accidents have been directly related to the contamination of rivers, streams, and other sources of drinking water. The smog, airborne pollutants, carcinogens, and toxic waste resulting from fracking have also negatively affected the health of people in both urban and rural areas. 

Scientists from across the world contend that fracking has an increasingly greater impact on global warming, as the practice causes the releases of numerous gasses into the atmosphere, some of which, such as Methane, are considered far more harmful to the ozone layer than carbon emissions. With fracking on the rise, it is estimated that natural gas will play a greater role in exacerbating climate change than coal over the coming decades. 

Americans Against Fracking is a U.S.-based coalition fighting to ban the drilling and fracking for oil and natural gas in the United States (where such enterprises are presently widespread). 

The coalition - comprised of various civil groups, businesses, social justice groups, environmental organisations, political clubs, labour unions - supports efforts and initiatives on the federal, state, and local levels in order to “ban fracking, enact moratoriums and to stop practices that facilitate fracking like natural gas exports, frac sand mining and the construction of pipelines.”

Among the coalition’s numerous victories are shutting down a plan to open up the Delaware River to fracking and passing over 250 municipal policies against the practice. 

The road to halting the practice of fracking remains long, but the efforts carried out by a growing number of concerned people and organisations across the United States mark the beginning of a strong movement. 

Please visit the coalition’s website to learn more about fracking and its disastrous consequences, find out about its ongoing campaigns against the practice, and list your organisation or group as a member. 

You may also follow their Facebook page for the most recent updates and news. 

Image: Simon Fraser University.