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June 15, 2015

South Africa: arrest al-Bashir for genocide

type: Petition
by: Murat Suner

Troops under al-Bashir’s command in Darfur have spent years attacking and destroying villages, chasing survivors into the dessert, surrounding refugee camps, killing almost 500,000 and uprooting millions of civilians from land they occupied for centuries. When applying for a warrant for his arrest, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) said clearly that al-Bashir’s “intent was genocide” and that he wanted to erase the history of an entire people.

The ICC is still young and because of political maneuvers, al-Bashir has avoided arrest in several countries over the years. Some -- including the ANC -- have criticized the court for focusing on crimes in Africa. But most of the cases at the ICC were brought forward by the countries themselves and Sudan is one of just two cases where the Security Council managed to agree to bring perpetrators to the court. And when it comes to crimes as horrific as those in Darfur, its justice that should matter, not politics.

The law is clear -- South Africa is a member of the ICC and is required to cooperate with the arrest warrant. The ANC already tried to give al-Bashir immunity and political pressure could lead the court to give in, but a massive global outcry could create a media wave strong enough to keep politics out. Click now to show the South African government that the world expects justice:

For international law to work, there can’t be loopholes for international criminals. For there to be justice, our governments must put aside politics and act in the interests of humanity.

Join the petition and help ensure that Darfur’s victims finally get the justice they deserve.