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Itamar Mann

Itamar Mann


Itamar Mann's research focuses on international law and political theory. He teaches international law and a number of related courses, including an elective on law and terrorism, environmental law, and a clinical seminar on law and politics in the Mediterranean region.

Before moving to Haifa, Itamar was the national security law fellow and an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law Center, Washington DC. I hold an LLB from Tel Aviv University, and LLM and JSD degrees from Yale Law School.

Alongside teaching and research, he provides pro-bono consultancy to several human rights organisations. He is also a member of the legal action committee at GLAN (Global Legal Action Network), and previously provided services to Human Rights Watch and the Open Society Justice Initiative on issues related to refugee and migration law in Europe. Mann is a member of the Israel Bar and has practised human rights and criminal defense law.

Dr Itamar Mann's book, Humanity at Sea: Maritime Migration and the Foundations of International Law, came out with Cambridge University Press in 2016.