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Saving Brazil's biomes

Author: Ellen Nemitz

What if we could help plant a tree every time we search for something on the internet? Or siphon water back to dry regions by regrowing forests in small patches around cities?

What if we could grow food without cutting down trees or eat meat without destroying entire ecosystems?

What if we could revert forest losses, one tree at a time, and harness the aid of bees for this purpose?

All this is not only possible, but is already happening across Brazil.

From local communities and small NGOs to large collaborative projects, millions of people are committed to saving the country's six biomes: the Amazon and Atlantic Forests, Pantanal, Cerrado, Caatinga and Pampas, all of which are suffering from systematic destruction driven by deforestation and fires, among other threats.

We invite you into the depths of Brazil's biomes and offer a glimpse into parts of the nation where people take care of their rich and diverse environments using their unique fauna, flora and microclimate.