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Eight's most densely populated country on Earth, with over 180 million people living in an area of only 147,570 square kilometres, Bangladesh is situated in South Asia. Sharing its borders with India and Myanmar, Bangladesh has been a democratic country since 1990, following 15 years of military rule.

The history of Bangladesh as a country is not long. Formerly known as East Pakistan, Bangladesh came into formation in 1971 when those two parts of Pakistan split and sparked a bloody with India as well.

With over 200 newspapers published in the country, the media in Bangladesh is diverse and publically owned.

Bangladesh has been coming to further tragical attention after the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka in 2013 killing at least 1,132 garment factory workers and injured more than 2,500. Unions called it a “mass industrial homicide”.

These disasters, among the worst industrial accidents on record, awoke the world to the poor labour conditions faced by workers in the ready-made garment sector in Bangladesh.

Due to its low lying geography, Bangladesh is prone to flooding and cyclones and is set to be affected severely during climate shifting weather and storms.