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The small landlocked country of Rwanda, with just over 11 million citizens is based in east-central Africa shares its borders with Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and the DRC. Still recovering from a government ethnic cleansing that saw the genocide of approximately 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus, Rwanda is currently trying to rebuild its economy and society. 

With a thriving tea and coffee farming economy and trade, Rwanda has slowly yet steadily been building its economy and stabilising its people. The World Bank has praised Rwanda's "remarkable development successes", which in turn has seen large portions of the population escape poverty and inequality.

Yet despite progress, Paul Kagame, who has run the country since 1994 and as president since 2000, has faced international backlash over his policies and human rights record, with the media in the country experiencing censorship, internet shutdown and journalists exiled for reporting freely.